Case Erecting / Cartoners

Case Erectors

Depending upon the volume of cases you need to erect you will need a semi automatic or fully automatic case erector. These machines will pull open a flat carton, tuck the minor and major flaps and tape of glue the bottom of the carton. These machines can range from 10 to 15 cases per minute up to 50 a minute depending upon your needs. Case erectors can reduce man hours, eliminate over taping a carton, and provide a consistent flow of erected cartons to your production flow. Semi automatic case erectors have a very small foot print and case formers can be justified on volumes as low as 500 cases per day.

Case Closing

Case closing can vary from small hand held tapers to fully automatic case sealing depending upon your needs. Case closers come with both top and bottom tape heads and save on man power and over usage of tape. If you are running various sizes of cartons then you would need a random machine in which the tape head senses the size of the carton and adjust accordingly. If you run a standard carton then you can use a less expensive uniformed case sealer.

Ink Jet Printers

Do you need to date code or product code your carton, then ink jet printers would solve your need. You can choose from entry level printers for just a date code or for a more detail print we can do bar coding or logos and company information.


Print and Apply Labelers

Whether you need a preprinted label applied to your boxes or you need labels printed and applied in multiple ways, IP offers a range of label systems to meet your needs.


If you are putting a product in a carton or case at moderate speeds (typically up to 120 cartons per minute and up to 10 cases per minute) then you are a candidate for a cartoner. If you speed is less than 10 per minute we still have solutions to reduce you man hours and save your company money.