Whether you need to wrap 10 or 1000 loads per day or a load that is unstable, extra-heavy or has an irregular shape, IP has a machine to get the job done right!  The cost of a stretch wrap machine is easily justified even if you are only doing 10 to 15 loads per day.  Stretchwrappers come in semi automatic and fully automatic.  If you are wrapping more than 50 pallets a day than fully automatic is a good solution for your company

Turntable High and Low Profile

IP offers both high and low profile turntable stretchwrappers with capacity from 3000# up to 5000# and height from standard 84” up to 120”.  Turntable comes with or without pre-stretch up to 400%.  Choose between high for forklift use and low profile for pallet jacks and forklifts.

Rotary Arm

Is your product fragile or odd shape and you would prefer not to spin the product, than consider a rotary arm stretchwrapper.  Rotary arm stretchwrappers are high speed, quiet, come with options to drop load and pull cord to start wrapper as well as prestretch up to 400%.

Orbital Wrappers

Orbital wrappers also known as horizontal wrappers are designed for the product to pass through the orbit or ring of the wrapper and cocoon your product is stretchwrap.  These high speed wrappers are ideal for building materials, doors, windows, and any other product that needs to lay down instead of standing for wrapping.

Semi Automatic

Semi automatic stretchwrappers come in various sizes, options and styles but if you are hand wrapping more than 10 loads a day than you can justify purchasing a semi automatic stretchwrapper.

Fully Automatic

Fully automatic stretchwrappers come in high and low profile or rotary arm.  There are various styles and options and all fully automatic come with powered prestretch for up to 400% stretch on your film.  If you are wrapping more than 50 loads a day than an automatic would be a good solution.